Top 5 Reasons We Need Speculative Fiction

Imaginative fiction is often dismissed as impractical entertainment for children and dreamers. And maybe it is. But it is also a vital part of understanding our place in the universe.

To celebrate the launch of Exoplanet Magazine, our editors have come up with a list of the top 5 reasons we need speculative fiction. 
Even though these are in no particular order, let’s count down to make it more exciting…
First in Space by Brooke Fawley

5. It’s creative
Speculative fiction provides a playground for the imagination. When the boundaries of realism come off, fiction allows us to conduct thought experiments that are both safe and fun!

4. Let’s face it, we all need a little escapism (or a lot)
Fantastical stories can serve as a therapeutic release from every-day stresses. Dreaming of something beyond the mundane is one of the most fundamental aspects of fantasy, and sometimes we just need a vacation from our lives.
3. Allegory/metaphor/myth
Science fiction, fantasy, and other imaginative genres offer tools of abstraction to help us understand the world around us. Otherworldly metaphors allow us to channel our thoughts and feelings into a form we can deal with and relate to.
2. Tackling big ideas
Speculative fiction is the most effective and fun (this is important!) way to tackle big ideas such as gods, the nature of reality, alternate planes of existence, and humanity’s purpose and place in the universe.
1. A sense of belonging
When we don’t see people like us in the world we live in, speculative fiction gives us an opportunity to imagine worlds in which we are the norm. Better yet, it gives us stories in which embracing our uniqueness allows us to become more than we thought possible.
Those are our top 5. Why do you love speculative fiction?

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